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Healing Activities in Nepal

Be Here Now Guest House organizes different healing activities to its home guests. The healing activities are based on old healing techniques from Nepali healers. If you have some problems and you would like to heal it by a alternative method then come to stay in Be Here Now Guest House.

The healing activities available are as follows:

1.      Shaman Healing

Shamanism is still a popular healing technique in Nepal many people practice for different problems related to physical health and mental wellbeing. If you have any problems you would like to give a try meeting a shaman then come to stay in Be Here Now Guest house. The Shaman healing tour costs $10 per person.


2.      Meditation

Many people have come to believe that meditation is the only way that gives us real bliss. As the shower washes away the physical dirt, the meditation does wash away the mental impurities. If you would like to do a day meditation tour then please come to stay Be Here Now Guest House in Kathmandu. Be Here Now Guest House organizes meditation tour to high energy places that are in and around Kathmandu. The places can be Asura Cave of pharping, Bag Dwar in Nagarjuna forest, Samadhi Temple in Osho Tapoban etc.

3.      Learn to Cook

Cooking can be a healing activity. It lets you live in present and more alive. And yes remember someone appreciating you and your skills after you feed what you cook. There will be free cooking class to home guests at Be Here Now Guest House.

4.      Ayurvedic Healing

There are certain herbal plants that helps cure certain problems. We suggest you Ayurvedic healing or take you to Ayurvdeic clinic in need.

5.      Read your Birth Chart, Make your horoscope, read your palms

6.      Visit mystic energy healers and communicate with your recently died family members through a medium

7.      Yoga classes


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